Star Citizen Reveals Some of its Biggest Upcoming Content

This week Star Citizen fans have been exposed to some of the largest content they can look forward to in coming months.

An event recently happened on a test server in which players were challenged to fight an Aegis Idris Frigate crewed by the developers.

What made the event even more exciting was that after disabling the ship, players managed to board, explore, and even control it.

Sttar Citizen Idris Side 2511385

While the Idris has been partly visitable while docked in port during previous events, large parts of it were locked. She’s the first capital warship to appear in Star Citizen in functional form even if it’s not yet accessible to players in normal gameplay situations.

It’s a whopping 242 meters long, it can be operated by a large crew of players, and it comes with a massive front-firing railgun as the centerpiece of its offensive armament. Yet, perhaps its most interesting feature is the large hangar capable of housing fighters, enabling true carrier gameplay.

This is also a good preview of the content created for the single-player campaign Squadron 42 (which is now feature complete, even if it doesn’t have a release date yet) since the player will be stationed on the Idris-class UEES Stanton.

Below you can check out a video of the boarding and exploration of the ship, courtesy of YouTube user Photopilot.

Speaking of massive content, Cloud Imperium Games also released a video showing off the upcoming Distribution Centers, which are giant planetside structures owned by a variety of organizations.

They will come this spring with alpha 3.23 enabling a variety of content, both peaceful and hostile, including assault, assassination, deliveries, heists, and even bombing runs. ì

Lastly, another video focuses on the recently-showcased 0G movement and personal interaction system, providing more details directly from the developers.

Star Citizen is a crowdfunded game in development exclusively for PC that has received $665,631,857 in funding from its fans at the moment of this writing.

Players have registered 5,090,139 accounts, albeit not all of them represent paying players. Many have been registered for Free Fly Events like the one that just ended a couple of days ago.

In 2023, it received over $117.5 million in pledges marking the biggest year funding-wise in the history of the game, and the sixth year of consecutive growth.


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