Godfall – Hinterclaw Valorplate Revealed in New Interview


Counterplay Games’ Godfall is one of the bigger exclusives for PS5 this year (though it’s also coming to PC via the Epic Games Store). Conceived as a hack and slash looter, it sees the remnants of the Knight’s Order traveling through a number of realms to stop the mad god Macros. Players will make use of different Valorplates to achieve this and in an interview with Arekkz Gaming, technical producer Richard Heyne revealed a new one: Hinterclaw.

Hinterclaw’s main passive is a 10 percent increased critical strike chance. You can further increase critical chance by 30 percent with an active ability. As such, the class is all about aggression and nailing critical strikes for huge amounts of damage. Its Archon Mode, which is essentially the Ultimate ability, allows for summoning three allies to fight with you along with increasing critical damage by 20 percent for every enemy killed (up to 200 percent).

Keep in mind that Valorplates won’t determine your move set so you can create strong critical hit builds centered around slower, more deliberate weapons or lighter weapons with more strikes. Godfall is currently planned to release in late 2020. Stay tuned for more details in the meantime.

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