Top 20 Best Sandbox games like minecraft you should play In 2022


Minecraft Games: Minecraft is a popular sandbox game that lets users create a unique world and allows them to protect it. Minecraft is a procedurally created world in which you must survive. Minecraft focuses on gathering resources, developing tools and weapons, building structures, exploring the game’s open world, and survival. Despite this, what sets Minecraft … Read more

7 Best Zombie Games for iPhone Owners to Try in 2022


Zombie games have become one of the most liked genres on iOS devices. Many popular games like PUBG Mobile have now started Zombie Survivor mode. During the zombie apocalypse, only pro-level gamers are likely to survive. There are numerous features that contribute to the popularity of zombie games. The article enlists the best zombie games … Read more

Activision Blizzard’s mobile games make more money than console and PC sales combined


More than half of Activision Blizzard’s revenue came from mobile games in April – June (Q2) 2022. According to Activision Blizzard’s most recent financial report, the developer/publisher generated £535m from its PC and console sales in Q2 2022 – £275m ($332m) on PC and £310m ($376m) consoles – while £688m ($831m) came from its “mobile … Read more

Best Mega Gengar Raid Counters in 2022


Last month, Niantic unveiled the Pokemon Go July 2022 Roadmap. In the roadmap, Niantic unveiled the Legendary and Mega raids taking place during July. As July comes to a close, the final two raids of the month are now underway, so we prepped the Best Mega Gengar Raid Counters in 2022. The Mega Gengar raid … Read more