Best moveset for Metagross in Pokemon Go


If you’ve just caught a Metagross in Pokemon Go, you might be wondering what its best moveset is, and whether it’s any good for the Go Battle League – here’s everything you need to know. Metagross is a powerful Steel/Psychic-type Pokemon that can be deadly in the right hands when it comes to Pokemon Go’s … Read more

Ni No Kuni mobile MMO out globally this month


Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, the mobile MMO, now has a global release date of 25th May. Available in Japan since June last year, pre-registration is now available globally. Players can grab the Explorer Outfit by pre-registering, and can join the game’s Discord for a Catarumpus Hat and a special title. Read more Original Article

Simple Legends Arceus shiny hunting method guarantees Shiny Alpha Pokemon


A new shiny hunting method in Pokemon Legends Arceus, that’s as simple as soft resetting, guarantees Shiny Alpha Pokemon. Pokemon Legends Arceus has captivated players for almost three months now, and for good reason. The story is compelling, the open areas are a wonder to explore, and the recent Daybreak content update added even more … Read more

Pokémon GO Creator’s AR Platform Is Now Being Used To Hunt Bitcoin, Not Pocket Monsters


Image: Fold Niantic, the studio being the smartphone hit Pokémon GO, has lent its AR platform to payments company Fold to create a new kind of ‘catch ’em all’ adventure – but this time, players are hunting for the cryptocurrency Bitcoin rather than monsters. Payments company Fold has leveraged Niantic’s AR platform to create an … Read more