[EVENT] April Chicken Medal Festival

[EVENT] Chicken Medal Festival

Check out the events for April!

The Chicken Medal Festival continues.

Clear all the missions and receive a crazy amount of Chicken Medals!


Play event awaits you in-game. Clear the mission each week to receive reward.

[MISSION 1] Play Erangel in SQUAD 7 times

  • During APR 5th 06:00 UTC ~ APR 11th 06:00 UTC
  • Reward: Chicken Medal 70EA

[MISSION 2] Play Miramar 7 times

  • During APR 12th 06:00 UTC ~ APR 18th 06:00 UTC
  • Reward: Chicken Medal 70EA

[MISSION 3] Play Sanhok in DUO 7 times

  • During APR 19th 06:00 UTC ~ APR 25th 06:00 UTC
  • Reward: Chicken Medal 70EA

[MISSION 4] Play any map 5 times

  • During APR 26th 06:00 UTC ~ APR 30th 06:00 UTC
  • Reward: Chicken Medal 50EA


APR 5th, 2020 06:00 UTC ~ APR 30th, 2020 06:00 UTC


  • Total reward you can receive is Chicken Medal 260 EA.
  • Rewards will be collectible upon mission completion.
  • Event window will pop up when you log in game during the event duration. If you are already in game lobby when the event begins, please [Restart Lobby] through [System Menu] to see the event.

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