Fall Guys ‘Battle of the Brands’ Auctions Off Costumes for Charity

UK Charity Special Effect to Benefit from Big Bucks

Fall Guys has been phenomenally popular, so much so that many popular brands are chomping at the bit to get represented in-game. Now, they've made a brilliant move — the Fall Guys Battle of the Brands will auction off the rights to an in-game costume with the proceeds going to charity.

"The third from brands has been unreal… so we're turning it into something positive!" stated a tweet from the game's official account. Prize: your brand inside Fall Guys as a costume! To enter: Reply to this tweet with the highest amount of money you would be willing to donate to @SpecialEffect[.]"

"After 2 weeks, the highest bidder will win!" the Twitter thread continued. "We will DM to confirm any boring legal paperwork, and then after they donate, we'll post it publicly to confirm! If we decide that your brand is offensive/unsuitable, we will yeet your pledge out and pick the next highest!"

If you've never heard of SpecialEffect, it's akin to AbleGamers in that it helps improve the lives of people with physical disabilities by providing them the technology to play games just like the rest of us. SpecialEffect is a registered UK charity that spent 71% of its income charitable activities in England and Wales over the last year.

Who Will Win the Fall Guys Battle of the Brands?

This is a pretty novel idea on the part of Fall Guys — who is going to come out on top? We took a look through some of the bids — game developers and streaming personalities have been stepping up to put their money where their mouth is.

Here are some of the notable bids by brands we've seen thus far, in order from highest to lowest:

  1. Bisect Hosting — $38,880
  2. LUNR TV — $30,000
  3. Super Rare Games — £20,000 ($26,215)
  4. Twitch streamer Trainwreck — $25,000
  5. Warframe — $20,000
  6. Rivals of Aether — $10,000
  7. Pink Gorilla — $10,000
  8. Splashforce — $10,000
  9. Fox Forge Toys — $1,000
  10. Helix eSports — $1,000
  11. Cooler Master — €212 ($252)
  12. Twitch streamer Jesse Cox — $101
  13. Gaming personality Greg Miller — $100

At the time of writing, Minecraft server host Bisect Hosting has absolutely obliterated the highest bids by nearly doubling its initial bid of $20,000.

While Bisect Hosting is in the lead, the odds are that won't last very long — this contest isn't going to end for another two weeks. I wouldn't be surprised to see the bids go into the hundreds of thousands (perhaps even millions) for the opportunity to get a slice of the Fall Guys hype.

Who do you think will win the Fall Guys Battle of the Brands? What company do you hope won't win this contest? Let us know in the comments below!

Fall Guys Battle of the Brands cover


Fall Guys 'Battle of the Brands' Auctions Off Costumes for Charity

UK Charity Special Effect to Benefit from Big Bucks

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