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Fortnite‘s Chapter 2, Season 4 is now available, filled with a variety of new challenges and skins for players. While exploring the new Fortnite map for all the Marvel-themed changes, players should keep an eye out for floating rings for the weekly challenges too.

This isn’t the first time Fortnite fans have seen these floating ring challenges. In fact, the floating rings challenges have been around for a while now, like back in Season 3, Week 5 at Steamy Stacks. But this time, all these blue, floating, glowing rings are in several locations around Misty Meadows. While three of them are pretty easy to see, there is a fourth, and it is a little more difficult to spot the rest.

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Misty Meadows is going to be a busy area right now with a variety of Fortnite players looking to nab these rings, so keep an eye out for players looking for an easy kill. Players will most likely want to land on or near the clock tower in Misty Meadows to start off with, as that’s where the first ring will be located. Misty Meadows is location in the far south of the map, even further south than the two Lazy Lake XP Coins that Fortnite players can find this week.

The first ring is located on the clock tower in this new Marvel-themed Season 4 Fortnite map. It’s at the end of the roof, so players may want to land directly on the roof when jumping from the bus.


For the second ring, players just need to look east of the clock tower. It will be floating on the roof of the large house with the six-peaked roof and all the windows.


Next, head south off of that roof, and walk past the vehicles on the street. The next ring will be floating on a building just south of the fountain.


Head even further south and there is a cabin all by itself, a little separated from town. The last ring is on the roof of this cabin.


In spite of this challenge being a copy of the previous seasons’ ring challenges, players will still have a lot to do this week, including the Groot challenges, beating Doctor Doom in Fortnite, and even cosplaying as Thor. Hopefully, the future weekly challenges will give a little more variety, but until then, make sure to get all those rings and XP for the Iron Man skin and Battle Pass.

Fortnite is available for PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

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