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When wandering around the Wasteland in Fallout 4, players will occasionally come across Legendary enemies that will be marked with a star icon next to their name. They’re tougher than normal enemies, but the loot they drop can be really useful, if not valuable to those that want to sell whatever they drop.

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When looting a Legendary enemy, players are sure to find a weapon or armor piece that will also have a star next to it. This marks an item that has a Legendary effect on it. Here are some of the best Legendary effects that players can get for armor pieces.

10 Safecracker


This modifier can make easy locks even easier to pick, and harder locks a bit more bearable. The Safecracker’s modifier can help the player when they’re wearing whatever piece of Legendary armor has this name because it widens the pickable areas in a lock.

If players have a hard time picking locks that are Very Hard, Hard, or even Average, this modifier can make all the other levels seem easier, and practically makes the Very Hard level seem nonexistent. Some players might not feel like they have too much trouble picking any lock, but everyone is bound to break a bobby pin every once in a while, and this modifier can help save your stash.

9 Low Weight


Unfortunately, the Low Weight modifier is only on power armor pieces, but that still makes it incredibly useful for players that always want to have power armor ready to use.

The Low Weight modifier is pretty self-explanatory. It decreases the weight of the power armor piece so it won’t take up so much space in the player’s inventory. While it would be nice if this modifier could also be used on regular armor pieces, it does make the most sense to put it on power armor, since it can be a pain to carry the armor around when it weighs so much.

8 Punishing


It can be really annoying when you’re fighting a group of enemies, and some enemies are shooting while others are attacking with melee weapons. Well, the Punishing modifier can help defend players from these attacks a bit.

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When wearing armor with this effect on it, enemies that hit the player with melee attacks will have 10% of that damage put back on them. If players stack this effect with more armor that has the same Punishing modifier, it can start to do some serious damage to enemies that try to kill them with melee weapons.

7 Acrobat


Sometimes, the easiest way to leave from a building, structure, or airship might be to jump. At least, that is until you remember that there’s a lot of fall damage in Fallout 4. For players that want to just jump to the Wasteland below instead of running downstairs in a building again, the Acrobat modifier works wonders.

Using one armor piece that has the Acrobat modifier will only reduce fall damage by 50%. While that might be nice, the best effect is to wear two pieces of armor with the Acrobat modifier, which will completely prevent fall damage.

6 V.A.T.S. Enhanced


At first glance, this modifier might seem like it doesn’t do much to help the player. When an armor piece with V.A.T.S Enhanced is equipped, it reduces the amount of AP it costs to use V.A.T.S by 10%.

However, this effect can actually be stacked if players wear multiple pieces of armor that have this same modifier on them. With this in mind, players would be able to use V.A.T.S a lot more with their legendary armor on, and they have a bit more control over how much AP is used.

5 Powered


In the same vein of improving AP usage, look for the Powered modifier for even more help. Powered armor lets players get AP back even faster than normal, so V.A.T.S can be used more, or if they can run more, which is always good to have when you need to get away from tough enemies.

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Players can make a great combination of multiple armor pieces if they stack V.A.T.S. Enhanced armor and throw in some Powered armor pieces in as well. The Powered modifier can also appear on any kind of armor, whether it’s regular armor or pieces of power armor.

4 Chameleon


For those who prefer to sneak around instead of running in, guns blazing, Chameleon armor pieces can come in handy. Armor with this effect makes it so that enemies can’t see the player as easily when players sneak around.

Even for players who don’t like to sneak a lot, this can still come in handy for instances when sneaking might be a better option. This can help to make up for lower sneak levels as well if players haven’t put as many skill points into sneak as they might’ve liked.

3 Fortifying


Here’s a great modifier to stack as much as you can. The Fortifying effect increases both the Strength and Endurance stats by 1 point. That means players can carry more, do more damage with melee weapons, run longer, and have more HP.

A single stat point might not seem like a lot, but it can make a big difference. If players aren’t satisfied with the effects from 1 point, they can equip even more Fortifying armor pieces for even more benefits. Players will be stronger, tougher to kill, and more powerful in battle.

2 Herbalist


There are plenty of creatures in the Wasteland that can inject players with poison. While it might not kill them right away, it can still take a turn for the battle as the player’s health depletes more than it would in a normal battle.

This is where the Herbalist modifier can help. This gives the effect of making players more resistant to poison by 25 points. If players find themselves in an area with lots of poisonous creatures, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to equip some armor that will help to keep them safe from the poison damage.

1 Martyr


When players have low health in Fallout 4, it can feel like time might be slowing down as they fight for their lives. If they have armor with the Martyr modifier on it, then this could actually be the case. Martyr can cause time to slow down when players are in a fight and their health is below 20%.

This effect doesn’t last forever, but it can be useful when it kicks in. Now, players can have a chance to focus, aim, and take out their enemies without having to panic as much about how little health they have. Having this time could also make players realize when they have low health if they were too focused on a fight, and it can give them a chance to heal up.

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