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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been a huge success for developer Mediatonic and publisher Devolver Digital, with over eight million Fall Guys players on PlayStation 4 as of August 16 thanks to the game being one of this month’s free PlayStation Plus titles. Those fans have shown their love for the game with a huge variety of creations, from new outfit concepts to homebrew Dungeons and Dragons races. Now, one voice actor and musician has recreated the Fall Guys‘ theme song with an a cappella beatbox cover.

Elspeth Eastman, whose voice credits include Cadence from Crypt of the NecroDancer and Tristana from League of Legends, uploaded her impressive rendition of the song to Twitter today while thanking composers Jukio Kallio and Daniel Hagstrom “for creating such a magical soundtrack.” The official Fall Guys social media account picked up the post soon thereafter saying, “This POPS and SLAPS.”

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Fall Guys has been incredibly active on Twitter in particular, hosting contests such as its “Battle of the Brands” that will offer one company the chance to get an outfit in the game by donating to UK disabilities charity Special Effect. It has also been sharing other fan creations, with the account recently bringing attention to a rock cover of Fall Guys‘ song “Fall ‘N’ Roll.”

Imagining crossover skins for Fall Guys has quickly become one of the Internet’s favorite pastimes, as the game already has content related to Valve properties such as Half-Life and Portal. Chase Morello, a 3D artist working at Steamroller Studios, recently pitched an idea for Pokemon-themed Fall Guys outfits that depict the final evolutions of original three Kanto starters.

Actual developers have also expressed interest in the successful battle royal, which has players attempt to win Mario Party-style minigames while running through obstacle courses. For example, Yoko Taro wants to see a Nier Automata collaboration with Fall Guys, something the team at Mediatonic have responded positively to.

With the huge amount of fan-made content circulating online it takes a lot to truly stand out, and Eastman has certainly done that with her a cappella beatbox cover. Though it has proven problematic for the game’s servers at times, all of this attention Fall Guys has garnered is no doubt a good sign for its longevity on the market, especially with a new season of content planned to be revealed at Gamescom 2020.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available now on PC and PS4.

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Source: Elspeth Eastman, Special Effect

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