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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is the game of the moment with millions of players flocking to the battle royale on PC and PS4. Jumping in on the game’s popularity, the hosts of an Animal Crossing virtual talk show are putting it on hold to discuss the success of Fall Guys with some special guests.

Set entirely on a virtual set in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, longtime gamer and screenwriter Gary Whitta created Animal Talking when the coronavirus pandemic began shutting down live events. The talk show spanned two successful seasons, and now the same is set to happen with Fall Guys.

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Titled ‘Talk Guys,‘ the new show will be hosted by Whitta and Twitch streamer Kate Stark. The series will debut with back-to-back episodes on August 27 and 28 that have a stacked guest lineup including streamer DrLupo and Fall Guys developers Joe Walsh and Oliver Hindle.

Animal Talking managed to bring in big celebrities such as Brie Larson, Simu Liu, and Selena Gomez. For Talk Guys, Whitta says they will be targeting more gaming celebrities. “Fall Guys is much more of a gamer’s game,” he told Digital Trends Monday. “All the top streamers are playing it. A lot of developers are playing it. Those are the people we’re going to be targeting.”

The set up will also be different from Animal Talking, with guests actually partaking in Fall Guys minigames as they are being interviewed. Whitta said viewers might be surprised at the production value on first watch, as it will land somewhere between the average Fall Guys stream and the higher production of Animal Talking.

As for who future guests may be, Stark teased 15 people on their list, with at least 90 percent already committed to coming to the show. She said, “They’re all staples in the industry — streamers, developers, and some celebrities that game.” It’s likely the Fall Guys sensation has enticed many guests around the world, so the lineup for Talk Guys has the potential to bring in some big names like Animal Talking had, such as Cory Barlog.

The first Talk Guys episodes will also be a chance for audiences to hear more about Fall Guys straight from the developers. Fall Guys is constantly being updated, and with a season two set to be announced at the upcoming Gamescom, there’s a chance that some new information will also be revealed during Talk Guys.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available now on PC and PS4.

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Source: Digital Trends

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