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The first season of the massively popular battle royale game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is currently underway. Now that players have had a few weeks to become comfortable with the different mini-games, some users are taking a stand against those who are using hacks to gain an advantage.

Fall Guys is a series of party mini-games that leaves one player standing with the crown at the end of four or five qualifying rounds. The nature of the game is fun, but also ultra-competitive, which has resulted in some players using hacks to cheat their way to a win. Fall Guys devs have acknowledged the game has a hacking issue and are currently working on a solution, but until then some players are taking the defeating of hackers into their own hands.

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User @OldManGroucHy shared a video on Twitter showing an instance where their team threw the game in order to stop a hacker from winning. During a game of Fall Ball, the user chose to spend the game chasing and grabbing the hacker, who was using a speed hack, instead of attempting to score goals with the rest of the team. This sufficiently distracted the hacker enough to allow the other team to win the game. The user captioned the video with ‘Unspoken Rule #1: When you have a hacker on your team you must throw,” proving that morality is sometimes more important than the win.

Mediatonic has said that it’s looking at an update to stop hackers, but are choosing not to relay the specifics so that hackers won’t look for workarounds. The devs are also working on a new update that will bring many requested features to Fall Guys, such as stopping back to back team games and allowing players to instantly spectate their friends instead of cycling through players.

While some users have resorted to hacking in order to win, others have been finding more skilful ways to earn the crown, such as one user’s insane grab mechanic in the Jump Showdown level. While Fall Guys devs are constantly making updates to stop exploits and allow a fairer game, many users are now experienced enough at the mini-games to know the best shortcuts or workarounds.

Fall Guys is currently free with PS Plus until the end of August, which has brought an influx of players to the online game. It has also passed well over 2 million players on Steam, but those hoping for Xbox or Nintendo versions are out of luck for now. But, if datamines are to be believed, a Nintendo Switch version of Fall Guys could be on the way.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available now on PC and PS4.

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