Fall Guys Sells 2 Million Copies On Steam In Its First Week

Developer Mediatonic Publisher Devolver Digital Release Date August 4, 2020 Genre Battle Royale, Party, Casual Multiplayer modes Online Platforms PC, PlayStation 4 Monetization Cosmetic DLC, Premium Currency Purchase (Some links may be affiliated) PlayStation Store Steam

Pride Before The Fall

Wacky game show battle royale Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has sold 2 million copies on Steam in its first week. Publisher Devolver Digital shared some fun statistics for the game to commemorate a week since its initial release. Naturally, the game is also the number 1 top-grossing and top-selling Steam game this week.

What have players been up to in Fall Guys?

In addition to the 2 million number, Devolver shared some other cute insights. It's not clear whether these figures apply to just the PC version or if the PS4 version is included as well. Players have grabbed 1.5 million crowns (the win condition on the Fall Mountain map) and 60 million players have "fallen". As well as these stats, Devolver revealed that 23 million hours of Fall Guys have already been watched cumulatively on Twitch. Not bad for the first week of release.

These numbers come in the wake of server issues during the first week of Fall Guys' launch. Within just a couple of hours of its release, over 120k players flocked to its servers, causing them to crash. It was then revealed that Fall Guys attracted 1.5 million players in its first 24 hours, which goes some way towards explaining the server problems. There's now a dedicated Fall Guys server monitor page – affectionately dubbed the "Fall Guys Owl" – which continually posts updates on the status of the game's servers.

Despite some server issues, the launch of Fall Guys has been relatively smooth. Developer Mediatonic says it's "aware" of speedhackers – players who artificially increase their speed through unauthorized hacks or cheats – and is working to eliminate them from the game. You can check out Fall Guys on PC via Steam or on PlayStation 4, where it's currently available at no additional cost to PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Are you playing Fall Guys right now? Planning to check it out? Let us know in the comments below!

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Fall Guys Sells 2 Million Copies On Steam In Its First Week

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