Fall Guys Servers Down After Over 120k Players


We All Fall Down

Bumbling battle royale game Fall Guys has launched to unexpected demand. The game’s servers have crashed after over 120,000 players flocked to try it out on day one. Although Fall Guys is due to launch on PS4, the numbers right now only reflect PC players, as the game is only available on Steam worldwide. It’s expected to hit Sony’s console sometime later today, though it has already released in some regions.

What’s going on with Fall Guys‘ servers?

According to Fall Guys‘ official Twitter account, the game had over 120,000 players logged in simultaneously just a few hours ago. The dev team said it would be strengthening its servers to cope with the demand, so there would be “occasional interruptions for the next 30 mins”. A little while after this tweet, the Fall Guys devs said they had “skyrocketed past [their] ‘absolute highest number of expected players for the entire day'” and estimated that server maintenance would only take a further 30 mins.

At time of writing, Fall Guys‘ servers are still down, with the team saying they “shouldn’t have tried to guess how long it would take” and that the game would be ready “very soon”. Fall Guys has yet to launch on PlayStation 4 in North America, although it has hit Sony’s consoles in some regions. Servers appear to be shared between platforms, which is worrying news for anyone looking forward to checking out the game on PS4. Hopefully, Mediatonic can fix these issues and get Fall Guys running smoothly. We’ll bring you more on this as we get it.

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