Fallout 76: Steel Dawn Update is Out Now

fallout 76 steel dawn

Bethesda’s next big update for Fallout 76, Steel Dawn, was slated to go live on December 1st. However, when Xbox One players were able to download it suddenly, the development team opted to release it for players on all platforms. This is essentially the first part to the Brotherhood of Steel storyline that will continue with Fractured Steel.

Along with new NPCs and locations, players will also be able to earn new weapons and armor. Of course, characters need to be level 20+ and complete the “Welcome to the Neighborhood” quest to partake in the new content. C.A.M.P. Shelters are also being introduced and allow for building instanced interiors.

New Daily Ops will be the ticket to earning new weapons and armor, and negative effects caused by Hunger and Thirst have been removed. Players will now receive buffs if they’re well-fed and hydrated, which should remove some of the tedium inherent. For more details on Steel Dawn, check out the patch notes below.

Update Highlights

  • Ad Victoriam!: The Brotherhood of Steel is back! Explore the first chapter of their story, meet new characters, visit new and updated locations, and unlock rewards as you experience the all-new Steel Dawn questline.
  • Head Underground: Flex those creative muscles by building out your very own instanced interiors with our first three C.A.M.P. Shelters.
    Gear Up: Complete Steel Dawn quests and take on Daily Ops to earn new weapons and armor that are straight from the Brotherhood arsenal.
  • Don’t Just Survive, Thrive!: We’ve removed all negative effects from Hunger and Thirst. Instead, you’ll receive buffs that increase based on how well fed and hydrated you are.
  • Save Those Atoms: (Coming December 1) Already have some of the items in an Atomic Shop bundle? No problem! Bundle prices now lower automatically if you already own any items they contain.

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