FIFA 21 File Size is Just Over 50 GB


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, schedules of sporting seasons around the world have seen some setbacks and delays (like everything else in the world, really), which, in turn, has affected the annual release cycle of video games based on those sports as well. FIFA 21, for instance, is arriving a little later than it ordinarily would- but it is still coming.

Now, we also know how large it’s going to be. Thanks to its updated listing on the Microsoft Store, we know that on the Xbox One, FIFA 21’s file size will be 50.01 GB, which is roughly the same size as FIFA 20, which weighs in at just under 50 GB right now. We can probably expect the PS4 file size of the game to be the same (or similar, at any rate).

FIFA 21 has been getting some interesting new details on late. EA Sports recently released a new gameplay trailer detailing the new mechanics introduced being in this year’s game, which was followed by another trailer focusing on the career mode. You can also read about the biggest changes being made in the mode in greater detail through here.

FIFA 21 is out for the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch on October 9. PS5, Xbox Series X, and Stadia versions will be coming at a later date.

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