PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller and Accessories Release Date Moved Forward to October 30, Before Console Launch

PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) have brought the release date of the PlayStation 5 controller and accessories forward to October 30th, ahead of the console’s launch.

As a reminder; the console will launch November 12th in the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea. For the rest of the world, it will launch November 19th. The PlayStation 5 will cost $499.99 USD, while the Digital Edition will cost $399.99 USD.

However, there are now reports via Twitter of an alleged email, confirming the release date on pre-orders for the console’s accessories will be shipped earlier than planned; now on October 30th [1, 2]. A copy of this email was also obtained by Game Informer.

While others have claimed to have received the same email, and that some may be reposting the same image of the email from another source, US retail company Target have changed their release dates as well (thanks VGC!)

The DualSense Wireless Controller, Sony Pulse 3D Wireless Gaming Headset, Media Remote, DualSense Charging Station, and PlayStation 5 HD Camera are now all launching October 30th- almost two weeks before the PlayStation 5 itself.

UK retailer Simply Games tweeted that “In a bizarre twist in this already bizarre situation, PlayStation®5 Accessories, apart from the controller, have had their release date brought forward to November 12th.”

Bloomberg had previously reported that Sony were allegedly taking a wait-and-see approach to the PlayStation 5’s pricing, according to their sources. This was seemingly motivated by struggling to find parts and a limited production.

These was seemingly alleviated, with Bloomberg later reporting that PlayStation 5 production had reportedly doubled to 10 million. The alleged reason for this was due to the increased demand for gaming due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In September of this year, Bloomberg once again reported from “people familiar with the matter” that Sony’s estimated PlayStation 5 production in this fiscal year will be reduced by 4 million. However, this is now down to around 11 million. Sony later issued a statement on the rumor, flatly denying the current and prior reports by Bloomberg.

While alleged production issues may been the reason for the DualSense controller to be revealed before the console, it seems that SIE may now be coping with the difficulties caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

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