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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered gives players four different races to choose between when creating their character at the start of the game. Not only is each of these options steeped in lore, but they each excel at different things, making picking the right race for each play style important. Between the Clavat, Lilty, Yukes, and Selkies, there should be something that is suiting for any player, but since the game doesn’t lay out exactly what the difference in game play between these four races are, fans will need to look elsewhere for that information.

As mentioned earlier, the races also have interesting lore attached to them as well. For the most part this doesn’t affect the story of Crystal Chronicles Remastered, but it does provide some context for certain in game events that occur. Understanding the history of each race can help players further understand the world around them. Each of the four playable races have starting stats and a special boon. The starting stats are generally less important as this boon since they can be modified based on what artifacts the player chooses as they progress through the game though.

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  • Attack: 6
  • Defense: 7
  • Magic: 13

Clavats are the most human like race of the bunch, and their balanced stats make them great for new players unsure of what they’d like to specialize in. Though their attack and defense stats are middle of the line, they actually start with the highest magic stat of any race despite not being the dedicated magic race in the game. Their shields make their defense command particularly useful, as it is capable of negating all physical and magical damage coming from the front. In addition to all this, Clavats have a +5 range when casting spells, making them much better at it than Lilties or Selkies.

In terms of lore, the Clavats are actually somewhat lacking. It doesn’t seem as though they hold any historical significance in the world of Crystal Chronicles, though the game does point out that they are typically kindhearted to others no matter what their backstory is. Unlike other fantasy worlds, Clavats don’t seem to be the dominant race, as most cities in the game feature an even mix of the four races. Typically they are farmers and inhabit the Fields of Fum, where they produce most of the world’s food.

  • Attack: 8
  • Defense: 8
  • Magic: 10

Lilties are short and stout, but don’t let their size deceive. They are easily the toughest race in Crystal Chronicles, capable of dealing and taking the most physical damage. Lilties start with the highest Attack and Defense stat of any race, but have the longest casting time when using spells. Because of this, Lilty players should probably avoid casting too much unless it is absolutely necessary, and should leave those duties to the Clavats and Yukes. In addition to having slow casting times, they also have no bonus to spell range, but make up for this with their quick attack speed and powerful hits.

The lore behind the Lilty people is interesting, as they once controlled an empire that held most of the land in the world. Their military might was unmatched, but once the Mines of Cathuriges no longer produced enough iron to sustain them, the empire dissolved. Now Lilties remain proud of their heritage but live in harmony with the other four races. Hot headed and quick to anger, they mostly inhabit the towns of Alfitaria and Marr’s Pass, and typically work as blacksmiths forging powerful weapons and armor. What’s more, the most powerful weapon in the game, Longinus, is a spear that is only available to Lilties.

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  • Attack: 7
  • Defense: 6
  • Magic: 12

Selkies are nimble and quick, wielding paddle like weapons against their enemies. Though they have the second lowest starting defense in the game, their attack and magic stats are both admirable making them high damage dealers. Seklie also have the fastest focus attack charge, and will typically play a sort of hit and run style. They have high magic stats and actually cast at the same speed as the Yukes but lack any sort of range bonus to their spells, making spellcasting a high risk/reward endeavor. Finally, their defense button is actually a backflip rather than a guard, which provides a brief moment of invulnerability.

Within the lore, Selkies are naturally agile and as such tend to take up lives as hunters or thieves. This isn’t the case for all Selkie, but most of the Selkies that players will meet in their playthrough tend to be very aloof or mischievous in some way. Because of this tendency, many other races don’t trust the Selkie, though the Clavats are known to be the most accepting of them. Aside from thieving, Selkies are generally fishermen and ranchers.

  • Attack: 5
  • Defense: 5
  • Magic: 10

At first glance, the Yuke’s bizarre appearance and lackluster stats are likely to turn players away, but they should not be dismissed so easily. Despite having the lowest starting values in all three stats (though their magic stat is tied with the Lilties), their boons set them apart from all the other races as the best magic casters in the game and particularly useful to have when playing Crystal Chronicles Remastered online. Yukes have the fastest charging and spell casting speed in the game and gain a massive +10 bonus to range on all spells. Their equipment also massively boosts their magic stat, making up for the low starting point. Finally, the Yuke’s defense ability makes them ethereal, completely negating all damage from any direction.

Easily the strangest of the four tribes found in Crystal Chronicles, Yukes are essentially souls bound to a suit of armor. When the Lilty empire attacked, it is said that only the Yukes managed to resist them thanks to their magical prowess, and that has hampered the relationship between the two tribes for some time. Yukes are exceptionally rare, only being found as NPCs in their capital city of Shella, but generally value knowledge and magical prowess above all else. As such, they make great Alchemists.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered is available now on Mobile, PS4, and Switch.

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