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Fortnite and Epic Games are having a very crazy month. Most notable for players is that Fortnite started Season 4 with a Marvel crossover event that teased Thor and Galactus’ arrival in the game’s lobby.

As has become a tradition with new Fortnite seasons, there have been a plethora of leaks coming out beforehand. Now, another leak from reputable source is claiming that there will be a She-Hulk skin as part of the Marvel crossover event.

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The Fortnite Marvel crossover event leaked at the beginning of August through some expert internet sleuthing and reputable reports. Twitter user and reputable Fortnite leaker HypeX has been at the forefront of these leaks since early August, and many of their predictions have been correct so far. In fact, HypeX recently leaked an X-Men Skin for Fortnite via Twitter, claiming that Storm would be coming as a skin. Now, HypeX is claiming that another Marvel skin will be included in the Season 4 crossover event, but the character it’s based on isn’t the most well-known.

The skin in question that HypeX has leaked on Twitter is based on She-Hulk. She-Hulk may not be widely known by those who know Marvel through the Cinematic Universe, but most long-time comic fans probably know She-Hulk pretty well. Though, that very well may change with the upcoming She-Hulk Disney Plus series that’s currently in the works. Regardless, it seems that a She-Hulk skin will be one of the available Marvel skins that players can look forward to in Season 4.

Alongside She-Hulk and Storm, a variety of other Marvel skins have apparently leaked so far. Among those skins are Wolverine, Iron Man, and many more Marvel characters like Thor have also been teased or leaked online beforehand. Naturally, most of these leaks have remained unconfirmed as of yet, so there’s no telling what skins will actually be in the game or not. However, HypeX and the users they’ve sourced have been fairly reliable with leaks in the past.

Still, it seems Season 4 won’t just be focusing on the Fortnite Marvel crossover event. Apparently, Fortnite’s Season 4 will have story developments that will be substantial to the overall lore of the game’s world. Fortnite’s own Worldwide Creative Director Donald Mustard teased as much through in a recent tweet last weekend, so fans can expect some major story developments to take place over the course of the season. Needless to say, fans have a lot of content to look forward to as Season 4 approaches.

Fortnite is out now for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One with PS5 and Xbox Series X versions also in development.

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