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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a monumental success. The decision to reboot the series seems like a wise one, as Modern Warfare has outsold most games in 2020, despite being launched last year where it also broke records. The trifecta of a fun multiplayer experience, a great campaign, and the eventually released Warzone battle royale is a solid formula.

Part of what makes Modern Warfare great is the campaign, but the multiplayer is where the replayability lies. And a voice-actor from the campaign agrees, as he continues to play the game today.

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Chad Michael Collins is the voice actor for Alex, also known as CIA Special Activities Division operative Echo 3-1. Collins also enjoys gaming, and specifically has put quite some time in on Warzone, where his character became a playable character in as well. Collins streams his gameplay on Twitch, much like his co-voice actor who is Ghost in Modern Warfare and enjoys streaming.


Within his sessions, he often plays with fans or joins up with squads who eventually catch on to who it is. He said he’s blown away by the fans, who are excited that someone involved directly in the gaming world would be interacting with them, something the Apex Legends voice actors are known to do as well.

It’s been a wide range of emotions, some people start crying, some people start laughing, some start screaming hysterically. Some are like, ‘Can I record this? My friends are never going to believe me’.

Collins claims that he started to be more involved with the community as he played Warzone during the downtime that was created by COVID-19 affecting the world of gaming and beyond. “I love that I get to do that in a more interactive way through streaming,” says Collins about playing and hanging out with fans. Collins has played video games his whole life, so spending time with fans while playing video games is natural. He plans on doing bigger and better things with fans moving forward, mainly with streaming.

The Modern Warfare campaign is much loved, especially after Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 didn’t have one. Black Ops: Cold War will have a campaign however, with a character creator even for the single-player fun. Perhaps Collins will continue to play stream Call of Duty, or even get a group together with the voice actor of Woods, Mason, and other huge characters from the Black Ops games. Regardless, it’s very cool that the world of social media, streaming, and the internet as a whole allows for fans and those who work in the games industry to interact in new ways.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is currently available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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