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Fortnite continues to be a popular game in the battle royale genre and Season 4 looks set to build on this success with familiar characters coming to the game. While Fortnite has had many crossover events that have piqued the interest of fans, the recent X-Men and Avengers collaboration has managed to bridge the gap of two separate cinematic universes. Naturally, challenges are being implemented to get fans engaged with the game and the unlockable skins, and players can begin by completing the task that requires players to investigate “mysterious claw marks.”

The Marvel universe has some of the most beloved characters in the world and the Season 4 Battle Pass offers players a variety of skins of heroes and villains. Fortnite had previously teamed up with Deadpool, Aquaman, and Harley Quinn, however, these challenges did not appear to have the same scale as this season as it adds several characters. One of the first challenges that players can complete is investigating claw marks in the Weeping Woods, which relate to Wolverine. 

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Players have three areas within Weeping Woods to investigate. Firstly, players should head to the toilets in the trailer park, and on one of the toilet stalls, they will see a Wolverine style claw print. Players then need to head out north to a green trailer which has the claw marks on the side. The third print can be found at the west of the trailer park at the top of the tower and will be on the refrigerator. At the moment this seems to be the only challenge for Wolverine in Fortnite and players will be rewarded with a Wolverine-themed spray for their efforts.


It will be interesting to see how other challenges involving Wolverine based rewards are implemented, but at the moment it seems that the character is going to be uncovered in the woodland area. More details about the Marvel crossover event with Fortnite will likely come to light as the week continues and as players investigate areas further. However, this challenge should be easy to complete for most players as long as there aren’t too many opponents in the area looking for the same claw marks.

Many Marvel fans will be keen to complete the upcoming challenges and unlock the new Fortnite skins. It seems that Season 4 will have plenty for players to enjoy and it will be interesting to see how the Marvel focused challenges create a larger story with Galactus in the future.

Fortnite is out now for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One with PS5 and Xbox Series X versions also in development.

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