Free Content Update Coming to Wild Hearts Next Month

Be Still My Wild Heart

EA and Koei Techmo’s venturing into the monster hunting genre began last week. Despite some performance and stability issues some PC players experienced, the game is getting some pretty good reviews. If you are enjoying Wild Hearts, here’s to hoping that it gets the support it needs to sustain that fanbase.

Last week, even before the game officially launched, EA announced that more content is on the way. The update will be coming in March. It features two new Kemono to fight, as well as new higher difficulty quests, a new emote, and a new chat stamp. And it’s going to be free? What have you done with the real EA?


If you have been playing Wild Hearts, you are familiar with the Kemono. They are monsters inspired by the form of local creatures and animals, imbued with terrifying powers. The two new Kemono are called Hellfire Laharback and Grimstalker.

The Hellfire Laharback is described as a “Deeply Volatile simian beast comes with a new quest and Talisman”. Grimstalker is a “new wolf-type Kemono—kin to the fearsome Deathstalker—is accompanied by a new quest and new Grimstalker-themed weapon and armor types”.

Judging from the blog that announced this update, it sounds like the Grimstalker and Hellfire Laharback are pretty fearsome. These Kemono should likely be reserved for the more experienced and powerful hunters. Take them on, at your own peril.

Wild Hearts is available now for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. There is currently no official release date for the March update.

Have you enjoyed hunting the Kemono? Let us know in the comments below.


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