Game Dev Tycoon will release on 8 October for Nintendo Switch

Greenheart Games have announced in a Press Release that their critically acclaimed Game Dev Tycoon is coming to Nintendo Switch on 8th October. Game Dev Tycoon is currently available on PC and Mobile. Game Dev Tycoon will also support cross-save. You can transfer your progress from PC and Mobile to Nintendo Switch. They have also optimized the interface for Joy-Cons and Touch Controls.

Watch the official trailer below.

Some tips for Game Dev Tycoon:

Game Dev Tycoon allows you to create your Game Developer Studio where you create games in a garage and progress to more prominent offices and hire more people to work on your games you can also create consoles in Game Dev Tycoon you have to take care of your money and spend it wisely so you don’t go Bankrupt if your game manages to review thoroughly in Game Dev Tycoon and has enough hype it will sell a lot and give you a lot of revenue to earn more fans in Game Dev Tycoon you’ll have to contact publishers and make games from them most of the income goes to publishers. Still, you’ll get a lot of fans since your games sell in a large amount with big publishers; you’ll have to train your employees as well, so your games aren’t bad, try to earn more development points and find the correct slider positions in Game Dev Tycoon.

Consoles will earn you a lot of money in Game Dev Tycoon so be sure to create one and also try different topics and genres, so you gain more experience points and level up your characters and never forget to update your engine in Game Dev Tycoon that’s a huge part for creating amazing and well-received games in Game Dev Tycoon.

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