Godfall Cinematic Intro, “The Fall”, Revealed


It was one of the first next generation titles we got a look at, and it seems like we never stopped getting looks at Godfall ever since that initial reveal. The main focus has been on the game’s intense approach to combat, but there does seem to also be an epic story there as well. That story got highlighted with the reveal of the game’s cinematic intro, called “The Fall“.

You can see the full intro below. It’s central conflict is between two warriors, one of which appears to be the, or at least one of the, antagonist(s), Macros. Once the two were close, maybe even brothers, but war drove them apart and accumulated in one final battle that Macros won in the pursuit of ultimate power. It’s a nice cinematic and does well to prep for what looks to be a fun fantasy romp.

Godfall will launch on November 12th for PS5 and PC. The game will also get an expansion of some kind, as detailed in the Deluxe Edition listings, but as of now no details have been released.

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