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Grounded is one of the biggest surprises of summer 2020. The cooperative multiplayer survival game launched in early access on PC and Xbox One on July 28. Content in the early access version of the game was limited, but players nevertheless dove into the game headfirst. Grounded picked up more than a million players in its first 48 hours and topped Steam’s list of best sellers. Now, less than a month later, Obsidian is ready to drop Grounded‘s first major content update.

Wednesday morning, Obsidian released its fifth Grounded developer vlog. The 5-minute video details Obsidian’s August content update, which starts by confirming that Grounded‘s 0.2.0 update is live on PC and Xbox One right now. Other major features being added in update 0.2.0 include The Bird, two categories of quests from BURG.L, as well as the new Perks customization system. Expect further content updates month to month throughout 2020 and on.

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The bird is a somewhat mysterious entry that’s likely to be expanded on in future updates. For now, however, it appears to simply fly around the yard and occasionally perch in specific locations. In doing so, the Grounded bird will occasionally drop feathers, a new crafting resource that can be used to make items like a proper bed and a feathered cap.

Next, there are two new types of BURG.L quests that can be picked up daily from the little robot. Artificer quests are crafting quests that task players with making a very specific item and turning it in to BURG.L. The second quest is named Chipsleuth and tasks players will locating and bringing back a BURG.L chip. These quests will reward Science just like BURG.L’s other quests.

The last major addition to Grounded this patch is the Perk system. Perks are unique boons that can be unlocked and used as permanent buffs. 13 are available in-game right now, each unlocked through various tasks or challenges in-game. But players can only have 3 of these perks active at any given time. It’s a great way for Grounded players to customize their gameplay to their playstyle, or to synergize in interesting ways with their co-op partners.

There are plenty of other changes in Grounded, too, but those are the big new features. Players will also discover some new crafting recipes, changes like human footprints in the overworld, and water physics impacted by player and NPC movement, as well. The tiny world of Grounded continues to grow in myriad ways, patch by patch.

Grounded is available now on PC and PS4.

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