Halo Infinite Gets Teased More As Xbox Games Showcase Countdown Starts

halo infinite

2020 has been a strange and, for many, a very tough year. A large part of that has been because of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, but also due to political strife sweeping various nations. But one good thing that will cap this year off, hopefully, is the next generation consoles that will launch for the holidays. Sony brought some big guns last month for their show, and in a few days, it’s Microsoft’s turn to do the same with a Xbox Games Showcase. And now, the countdown is on.

The official YouTube link for the show went live today, which you can see below. As of writing this, it is counting down with 38 hours to go. To go along with that is a new render of Master Chief, of the Halo franchise. He’s looking pretty sharp.

We know that Halo Infinite will be at the show with an emphasis on the game’s single player campaign. As it stands, last we heard the game was also planned to be a launch title for the Xbox Series X, though it will also be for Xbox One and PC. We’ll, of course, keep you updated for what announcements will come from the show.

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