Halo Infinite Might Launch Without Multiplayer – Rumour

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Halo Infinite will be launching alongside the Xbox Series X later this year, and as the next big instalment in the beloved franchise – one that claims to be a spiritual reboot no less – it’s obviously a game millions are looking forward to. With Halo, however, many (most) would argue that the multiplayer is the most important part of any new game- though if newly emerging information is to be believed, Halo Infinite might launch without any multiplayer.

In a new video, know Microsoft insider Brad Sams said that based on what he’s heard from one source, Halo Infinite will launch without multiplayer. At launch, the shooter will just offer the campaign, and multiplayer will be added after release (which might tie into 343 Industries’ plans to treat Halo Infinite as an ongoing service). Sams mentions that this isn’t something he is absolutely certain about, and will be looking into it more, but does suggest that it’s a possibility.

At the Xbox Games Showcase, Microsoft debuted campaign gameplay footage from the upcoming shooter, but details on multiplayer haven’t yet been shared. A Halo game launching without multiplayer would be a huge deal, since multiplayer is for many the biggest attraction in any Halo game. This isn’t verified information though, and Sams himself states that he’s not dead sure about it himself, so take this with a grain of salt for now.

Recently, 343 Industries also said that due to a challenging development cycle, their plans for Halo Infinite public flighting aren’t where they had hoped they would be, which means betas for the game are looking unlikely at this point.

Halo Infinite is out for Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC this Holiday. Read more details on the shooter through here.

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