Halo Infinite Multiplayer – 343 Industries Building on Halo 5, Esports Players Heavily Involved

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While the jury is still out on whether Halo Infinite was the bombshell that Microsoft hyped it as for the Xbox Games Showcase, multiplayer was MIA. Considering that multiplayer was one of the things that shot the series into the stratosphere, it’s absence was definitely felt. 343 Industries promised to reveal more details soon but Xbox boss Phil Spencer has offered a few scant details.

Speaking on the Same Brain podcast, Spencer said that multiplayer would be “special” when it was discussed. “We know, for some many people, Halo CE started with us lugging our Xboxes around, plugging them in together and playing console multiplayer, for many of us, for the first time. So I’m excited for what we’ll get to see and what we’ll get to show. I think the team is building on what they did with Halo 5, and the multiplayer in Halo 5 was received very well. So it’s cool to see the team continue to iterate on things that the community loves.”

Esports players have also been “heavily involved” with the game since, “We know that’s a strong part of the community; the professional players. And there are some technical challenges the team has set for themselves on multiplayer that I’m really encouraged to talk about when we get there. So, soon! We will be able to talk about Halo Infinite multiplayer soon.”

“Soon” could be this month especially since Spencer confirmed more Xbox Series X news coming later this month. There’s also the digital event for Gamescom where the company could showcase more titles. It could also be where Microsoft provides a release date, especially since CFO Amy Hood recently confirmed the console’s arrival in November.

Halo Infinite is slated to launch alongside the Xbox Series X this holiday season. 343 Industries recently revealed that two new items, the grappleshot and Drop Wall, would be in multiplayer but as map pick-ups. For more details on the open world, weapons and more, head here.

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