How To Unlock Superman In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7

Fortnite Season 7 has arrived and as teased ahead of its arrival, Apollo Island has been besieged on all fronts by aliens. While the fleet of UFOs flitting overhead certainly isn’t being manned by the kinds of extraterrestrials you’d see joining a team tasked with protecting planet Earth, there’s at least one superhero hailing from a distant corner of the cosmos entering the fray this time around.

We are, of course, referring to DC’s Superman, who’s taken time out of his busy schedule fighting crime in Metropolis to help players of Epic’s battle royale turn the tide against their new aggressors. The Man of Steel joins other pop culture icons such as Rick from Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon’s Rick and Morty animated series, both of which are unlockable skins, though you’ll have to wait a while before either becomes available.

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As has been the case with previous seasons, the Man of Steel as well as a ton of cosmetics bearing his logo are accessible for anyone who purchased the current Battle Pass. While the premium costumes and weapon decals available can be added to collections at each user’s leisure – assuming they have the necessary number of stars – Kal-El has an additional restriction in the form of a countdown timer. This isn’t due to hit zero for another 65 days, meaning the earliest that you’ll be able to dress as the Kryptonian will be August.

A sizable wait, then, but one well worth it, especially as Superman, unlike most collaborations, actually offers a neat gameplay bonus in the form of his crimson red cape. This is one wardrobe item that only he can wear and functions as a glider, meaning you’ll be able to fly into battle at the beginning of every match. Sadly, for the sake of game balance, that’s the extent of his power in Fortnite, but who knows what else Epic has planned in the weeks ahead? Watch this space for further developments!

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