Indie puzzle adventure Seven Doors launches on PC


Seven Doors

The first-person mystery puzzle adventure Seven Doors is out today on PC via Steam.

The indie developer Indigo Studios released the atmospheric puzzler. Players will decipher secret languages, overcome dangerous situations, and even become part of a giant game of chess.

Players “will have to go through seven different atmospheres, all of them unique, special, and surprising that will awaken your wits,” the developer says. “In this game, the protagonists are you and the puzzles.”

Indigo Studios says that the game has seven different environments and seven puzzles to solve. They claim that the whole experience is between two and three hours of gameplay.

The game retails for $6.99 via Steam. However, there’s currently a 30 percent off launch discount that runs through July 3. That brings the price down to $4.89.

My Take

If you’re looking for a new indie puzzle-adventure game, this might be worth checking out. And at least the developers are upfront about its short length.

Watch a trailer for the game below!

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