Rumor: PlayStation 5 was “Considerably” More Expensive Than Xbox One X Before Price Reveal; Sony Considering $499 Price, Digital $399

PlayStation 5

Rumors claim that the PlayStation 5 was “considerably” more expensive than the Xbox One X prior to Microsoft revealing the price; prompting Sony to slash the price of the upcoming console.

As previously reported, Microsoft announced the release date and price of the Xbox Series X; November 10th for $499 USD (ERP). Further, EA Play will be coming to Xbox Game Pass at no additional cost.

The announcement was likely motivated by the leaks of the all-digital Xbox Series S, latter formally announced. It also launches November 10th, but for $299 USD (ERP).

This surely left Sony deciding how to proceed with the release date and price of the PlayStation 5. During the Xbox Series X announcement, PlayStation was trending on Twitter as users begged for a price to be revealed.

In earlier news, Bloomberg reported that Sony were allegedly taking a wait-and-see approach to the PlayStation 5’s pricing, according to their sources. This was seemingly motivated by struggling to find parts and a limited production.

These was seemingly alleviated, with Bloomberg later reporting that PlayStation 5 production had reportedly doubled to 10 million. The alleged reason for this was due to the increased demand for gaming due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Now, Game Reactor reports from an anonymous source “who has an overview of the situation” that Microsoft’s announcement has prompted Sony to lower the price of the PlayStation 5. The console was allegedly “considerably” more expensive. Later, Game Reactor updated their coverage with uncited reports from multiple sources further corroborating the anonymous’ sources claim.

Games Reactor reports they have “heard” claims of Sony considering the PlayStation 5 digital edition will be $399 USD, while the “premium edition” (we assume Game Reactor means the standard disc tray version) will cost $499 USD.

Even if these rumors are true, we must consider things can change up until the official announcement. We will keep you informed as we learn more.

The PlayStation 5 launches Holiday 2020.

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