Jagex Partners To Publish New Flying Wild Hog Game

Hog Tied

British studio Jagex, best known for the MMO Runescape, will publish its first title next year through publishing arm Jagex Partners. The game will be a "multi-format" title developed by Shadow Warrior and Hard Reset studio Flying Wild Hog.

What will this new Jagex-published game be?

Details are fairly thin on the ground right now as to the nature of the game. Jagex says it will be a "multi-format living game" and will launch in 2021, with open and closed beta phases to allow players to get to grips with the game ahead of a full release. According to the Runescape studio, Flying Wild Hog's game is a "connected and customizable" multiplayer action-RPG set in a science fiction-inflected universe. Flying Wild Hog will construct the game using Unreal Engine 4.

Jagex has signed Flying Wild Hog, developers of Hard Reset
Jagex will publish developer Flying Wild Hog's next game. The studio is best known for Shadow Warrior and Hard Reset.

It sounds like the game will be a live-service title. Flying Wild Hog CEO Michal Szustak says Jagex understands "the best practice in building and maintaining a live game service", and the British publisher says it'll be bringing its experience in "living games" to bear on this new title. Whether or not this will be an MMO to compete with the likes of World of Warcraft is unclear right now.

When can we expect this new Flying Wild Hog game?

We don't have a concrete release window for Flying Wild Hog's new endeavor yet. As a "multi-format" game, it'll likely launch on PC and consoles, and Jagex says the game won't launch until 2021 at the earliest. However, we don't know when the open and closed beta phases will happen; they could well come along before 2020 is over depending on how far along development is at that stage. We'll bring you more on this new title from Jagex Partners and Flying Wild Hog as soon as we get it.

What kind of game would you like these two studios to be working on? Let us know in the comments below!

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Jagex Partners To Publish New Flying Wild Hog Game

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