League of Legends KDA New Single Releasing Soon

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I Still Prefer Pentakill

Fictional K-Pop group K/DA, consisting of League of Legends characters, is coming out with a brand new KDA single.

The announcement was made on twitter yesterday, showcasing a brand new album cover teasing a new pre-release single, "The Baddest," coming out on August 27th.

K/DA was first created for League of Legends in 2018, when the characters Akali, Ahri, Evelynn and Kai'Sa were giving new promotional K-pop skins to help promote the League World Championships. The group would then be given their first song "Pop/Stars" with real-life singers Madison Beer, Jaira Burns, and K-pop stars Miyeon and Soyeon from the group (G)I-dle, performing "Pop/Stars" on stage while augmented reality versions of their corresponding League champions would perform alongside them.

"Pop/Stars" would quickly be released as a music video on YouTube, where it woulda massive viral hit. To date, over 360 million views as of 2020. The characters and skins have also become major cultural icons in the League of Legends community, making them an iconic and fun part of League of Legends ever-growing lore.

This is not the first time League of Legends has created a fictional in-universe band. In 2014, Riot Games created the fictional heavy metal band Pentakill, featuring League champions Karthus, Mordekaiser, and others with collaborations with several famous metal artists such as Tommy Lee, Jorn Lande, and Noora Louhimo.

Pentakill has since released several songs and small albums since 2014.

Riot Games has also dipped their toes into hip-hop with the group True Damage, which saw a similar performance as K/DA in the 2019 League World Championships, where real-life hip-hop artists Keke Palmer, DuckWrth, and even Soyeon reprising her role as Akali for the new group.

"The Baddest" is also listed as a pre-release single, which implies that K/DA will see an actual album releasing in the future as well. For now though, fans can look forward to "The Baddest" when it releases on August 27th.

What do you think of the upcoming KDA new single? Do you like this type of gimmick from League of Legends? Let us know in the comments below!

KDA New Single Soon


League of Legends KDA New Single Releasing Soon

I Still Prefer Pentakill

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