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Canadian developer Ratloop Games introduces a unique take on turn-based strategy games and FPS games at the same time. Lemnis Gate was revealed during Gamescom’s opening night with a gameplay trailer that shows off the game’s impressive mechanics.

Lemnis Gate is based around a 25 second time loop. In a multiplayer environment, players take turns trying to capture an orb and bring it back to base, all within 25 seconds. In the next turn, the other player will attempt to change the timeline and steal the 0rb from the previous loop. After a few turns, the battlefield turns into a raging storm of bullets and explosions all left over from the previous loops. Lemnis Gate tackles time manipulation in a unique way and joins Crash Bandicoot 4 as another game shown off in Gamescom that includes time-altering features.

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Lemnis Gate is not just a turn-based strategy title. The game employs a ton of action during turns as players face off against all of their opponent’s previous moves. Based on the trailer, players can utilize a variety of weapons, gadgets, and abilities. Although not much is known about acquiring gear or loadouts, players will be able to use weapons like snipers, grenade launchers, miniguns, and lasers to change the timeline.

Lemnis Gate may be a fast-paced FPS, but the turn-based mechanic makes the game all about strategy. While players are waiting on their next move, they will study the opponent’s movements to know exactly what to do when their turn arrives. The trailer made a big impact at Gamescom, showing off intense gameplay, much like Bandai’s Scarlet Nexus trailer. Although slated to release in early 2021, Lemnis Gate is not confirmed for next-generation consoles yet.

Lemnis Gate is scheduled to release early 2021 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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