Light No Fire is the new game from the makers of No Man’s Sky and it’s even more ambitious

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We’re not sure why lighting fires is a bad idea (Picture: Hello Games)

Hello Games has revealed their fantasy version of No Man’s Sky, except set on a single planet and rendered in far more detail than ever before.

It’s now 10 years exactly since No Man’s Sky was first unveiled, at The Game Awards predecessor the VGX Awards, and on the moment of that anniversary developer Hello Games has just announced they’ve been working on a new title for the last five years.

No Man’s Sky was pilloried upon release, for failing to live up to its many promises, but seven years of free updates has made it the quintessential example of a video game that has redeemed its reputation after a poor launch.

Support for the game isn’t necessarily ending but the focus now will be on new title called Light No Fire, which is basically the fantasy version of No Man’s Sky with a giant, procedurally generated planet Earth.

Hello Games co-founder Sean Murray was on hand to (sort of) explain the game, emphasising exploration and co-operative multiplayer.

The idea seems to be to avoid the single biome of most No Man’s Sky planets (and sci-fi planets in general) and instead focus on rendering one is as much detail as possible… and then adding dragons and mysterious looking towers in typical Tolkien-esque fashion.

Crafting, survival, and building construction also seem to be a major part of the game, with Murray claiming that he wants to bring, ‘the depth of a role-playing game to the freedom of a survival sandbox.’

The trailer certainly looks impressive, with some very impressive visuals for what remains a very small developer compared to other AAA outfits.

Of course, the obvious question is what state will the game be in when it’s released, and how long will it take till it looks and play similarly to what the trailer is showing?

Obviously, nobody knows the answer to that except Hello Games, but you really would’ve hoped they’ve learned their lesson from last time.

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