Naraka Bladepoint beginner’s guide

Naraka Bladepoint beginner’s guide

Want some help getting started with Naraka Bladepoint? After a successful open beta earlier this year, the Naraka Bladepoint release date isn't too far off. It has a fair number of similarities to several ninja games including using a grappling hook to reach high places, and while your arsenal does have ranged weapons, there’s a bigger focus on melee combat.

But how exactly do you achieve victory in this battle royale game? Using a variety of different techniques and combos to keep your opponents guessing is part of it, but there are other factors to consider as well, such as inventory management, choosing the best Naraka Bladepoint characters, and knowing which Naraka Bladepoint weapons work best for you is paramount to success.

Join us as we go through everything a beginner needs to know about Naraka Bladepoint, along with a whole bunch of tips and tricks you can use to dominate matches. This guide covers everything from optimal movement tech and how to forage for consumables, to understanding the importance of knowing when to parry an attack.

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