New Batman Teaser Website Hints at Gotham Knights Title, Playable Batgirl

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WB Games Montreal have made an art form out of teasing their next game, which almost everyone knows even in the absence of an official announcement is going to be a new Batman game, likely titled Gotham Knights. That announcement though, is finally coming soon on August 22, ahead of which a teaser website for the game ( recently went live.

Recently on Reddit, a user figured out all the codes that are meant to tease more new content on the website in the days leading up to launch. These codes are 761, 941, 364, and 995. And of course, they have to mean something, right? They just might.

Over on Twitter, @ArkhamVideos managed to figure out that all four codes put together get the EAN number for issue 359 of Detective Comics, which is the issue that the Batgirl character made her debut in. This is significant not only because WB Games Montreal were the developers of Arkham Knight’s Batgirl DLC, but also because leaks have mentioned multiple times that their upcoming Batman game will feature Batgirl and other members of the Batfamily as playable characters.

Additionally, the cover of the aforementioned issue also bears a striking resemblance to issue #43 of Batman: Gotham Knights. That, of course, is the WB Games Montreal’s title’s name, according to leaks. A lot of dots to connect, but it doesn’t seem too far-fetched.

Meanwhile, recent leaks have also said that the game will feature a system similar to Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War’s Nemesis system, as well as multiple factions. Read more on that through here.

The incessant teasing and leaks will finally (hopefully) come to an end soon, so stay tuned for any and all updates until then.

One of our Discord users, Gydra, noticed the cover is very similar to Batman: Gotham Knights #43.
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— Batman Arkham Videos (@ArkhamVideos) August 18, 2020

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