Satirical Rogue Lite Going Under will release on 24 September

Going Under is a Satirical Rogue Lite, which is supposed to release on 24th September Team 17 are publishing Going Under, and Aggro Crab Games are developing it. Going Under will release on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch it is set in a procedurally generated dystopian dungeon which is underneath disruptive drinks brand called fizzle, Going Under will allow the players to follow the adventure of the corporation’s newest Gen Z Marketing intern named Jackie Fiasco who is sent on a dangerous mission to rid Fizzle of the monstrous employees and former CEO which are from some failed start-ups that came before Jackie Fiasco can use anything which comes to her hand (Staplers, Laptops, and even potted plants) to complete her adventure.

  • You must fight the failures and battle through the satirical dungeons which are procedurally generated remains of failed and cursed Start-ups underneath the bowels of Fizzle in Going Under
  • You can use nearly everything as a weapon, which includes Potted Plants, Giant Pencils, Laptops, and even Body Pillows as weapons for Jackie Faisco as she will have the face the monsters which were created by the former employees of the failed start-ups.
  • Going Under will allow you to skill up and synergize, which means you can Combine Skills bought from the company’s cafe for a selection of blue-sky thinking or monster beating synergies.

  • You will have to learn from your mentors in Going Under by completing tasks for your fellow employees and unlocking them as mentors to gain access to their useful and powerful abilities
  • You will have to Overcome the power-crazed CEOs of dungeons based on dating sites, gig economy, recruiters and cryptocurrency to help boost your employer’s bottom line in Going Under

Check out the official trailer for Going Under by Team 17 and Aggro Crab Games below:

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