New Evidence Continues to Point to More Next-Gen Xbox Consoles Besides Xbox Series X

xbox series x controller

That Microsoft are going to enter the market with multiple variants of their next-gen Xbox has become something of an open secret. Though nothing has officially been announced, rumours and leaks of the Xbox Lockhart – or the Xbox Series X, as some suggest it will be called – have popped up with great frequency, and some more evidence may have recently emerged pointing to that.

According to, in a recent Q&A session with the press, Halo Infinite studio head Chris Lee have let slip the existence of more next-gen Xbox consoles besides Xbox Series X. When asked about the differences between the game’s Xbox One and Xbox Series X versions, Lee said that the first person shooter was being made to run well on “all Scarlett devices”. Scarlett, of course, is the internal codename for Xbox Series X at Microsoft.

The intensity of reports of the Lockhart have continued to heat up in recent weeks and months. References to the reportedly weaker next-gen console were recently spotted in the Windows OS, while reports have also suggested that Microsoft will be unveiling the Lockhart in August.

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