Omen of Sorrow to Release on Xbox One This Year

Developer AOne Games and publisher Eastasiasoft will release Omen of Sorrow, a horror-themed fighting game, on the Xbox One sometime this year, the two companies announced today. Omen of Sorrow originally released on PS4 in November of 2018, and would release on PC through the Epic Game Store in 2019.

According to an official description of the game, “Omen of Sorrow is a classic 2D, four-button fighting game, with Unreal Engine 4-powered graphics, a cast of characters inspired by classical horror, fantasy and mythology, and a battle system designed from the ground up to leverage player skill, rather than stats or random chance, featuring deep combat mechanics that favor movement and spacing over tight execution to provide an engaging experience for pros and newcomers alike!”

The game features rollback netcode via GGPO and local multiplayer. Players will be able to fight across “dismal stages, inspired by age-old European legends,” adventure through a Story Mode, challenge themselves in Arcade and Survival Modes, play online with friends, collect more than 200 in-game rewards, or practice their skills in Training Mode.

You can watch the launch trailer for the game’s original release below:

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