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Overwatch has been incredibly successful and many players are still enjoying its team-based shooting mechanics five years after its original release. To keep the game fresh, Overwatch has had several updates but this has begun to slow as preparations for a sequel are made. While speculation about how Overwatch 2 will build on the success of the original title continues, many have been keen to get an insight into the game. A survey in Germany now offers some details about how skins may change in the upcoming title.

Part of the appeal of Overwatch is its character roster and their skins which change with events. As a result of this, many have been interested in how Overwatch 2 will handle skins and whether it will provide new options for existing characters. An Overwatch survey that was given to German players has been leaked and it seems that the team at Blizzard is considering overhauling the current skin system and giving players more freedom.

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The Overwatch survey mentioned elements such as XP boosts, sprays, and highlight introductions before asking for feedback on character customization. The survey asks questions about “Customizable Legendary Skins” and the survey goes on to discuss how  “the player can adapt to their preference” by adjusting “color combinations, outfit variants.” Many fans would be excited at the prospect of changing the colors of their heroes to make them look more unique in the team shooter. It certainly would add an extra layer of immersion with the characters but it is worth noting that at the moment these are simply questions from the team at Blizzard.

There are plenty of heroes in Overwatch and it will be interesting to see if this roster will be built upon or whether customization will become a bigger factor. It is worth keeping in mind that the questionnaire may not impact production and equally, fans who fill out the forms may not encourage the customization that has been suggested. Nonetheless, many will be excited at the prospect of customization coming to the next title alongside rumors of larger and more intricate maps.

Many feel that Overwatch is one of the best team-based shooters and with that in mind, its sequel has to meet high expectations. Whether Overwatch 2 can be as successful as the original remains to be seen, but adding in new features that allow players to customize characters may be a good start to improving the series.

Overwatch 2 is currently in development.

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