Phil Spencer Hints at Xbox Announcement in August, Speculation of Xbox Series S Runs Rampant

Xbox Series X

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has revealed new information about the Xbox Series X will be announced in August, with some speculating this may be the “Xbox Series S” console.

During an interview with iJustine, Spencer was discussing the console’s backwards compatibility (at 17:34). Therein he praised the backwards-compatibility team for making older games run at higher frame-rates. Spencer then explains on the “investments” gamers have made into Xbox, and how there will be more information related to that revealed in August.

“Focusing on the investment gamers have made in Xbox and making sure that continues- whether it’s the controllers you already own, whether it’s the games that you already own- respecting a gamer’s relationship with our product to me is just critically important, and something that’s just become a pillar for the team. I’m encouraged that we’ll talk more about it- should be August. I think August we’ll have more to say about that.”

While the next Xbox announcement will supposedly focus on this, other outlets have speculated that it may be related to something bigger. Back in May 2019, Video Games Chronicle (VGC) reported on leaked Microsoft documents from 2012 discussing Project Scarlet (what would later be revealed as the Xbox Series X).

Combined with their own sources, VGC reported that Microsoft’s plans included (in VGC’s words) “premium hardware offering and a lower-priced streaming-oriented device.” As Microsoft have discussed cloud gaming on multiple occasions, this could be true.

Venture Beat also reported on allegedly leaked GameCore Development Kit information [1, 2]. Though heavily cropped and the Filebin link now leading to a 404 error (redirecting to the website’s home page), the alleged document discusses “LockhartProfiling.”

Eurogamer claims from their sources that Microsoft was planning to unveil the “Xbox Series S” in June- dubbed Project Lockhart. This would be a cheaper compared to the Xbox Series X, with Venture Beat claiming it would have less graphical power. VGC reported both the Xbox Series X and this Series X would be capable of cloud gaming.

However, there are some doubts. Even considering a consistent trend among the anonymous sources, some of this information may have come prior to the coronavirus pandemic (causing hindrances in many plans for many businesses), along with poor reception of Google Stadia [1, 2].

The latter’s failures could be capitalized by Microsoft if they learn from their errors; assuming consumers, publishers, and developers have not been scared away from the concept of cloud gaming.

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