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Pokemon Masters EX is celebrating its 1st anniversary in style as developer DeNA has released a new CG trailer to commemorate a new chapter in the popular mobile game.

Along with a slight name change from Pokemon Masters, Pokemon Masters EX offered new content to players with log-in bonuses and new cosmetics. The name change is significant in that DeNA also announced several changes to the game as a whole, based on player feedback since its launch.

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The trailer for Pokemon Masters EX is akin the epic climax in the MCU movie, Avengers: Endgame, featuring a battle ridden location with dozens on Pokemon and trainers battling it out in a massive brawl. Pikachu can be seen navigating the terrain and unleashing a Thunderbolt to a Gengar. Along with the mouse Pokemon, Mega Charizard X, Rayquaza, and Machamp can also be seen unleashing deadly attacks.

Recently Pokemon Masters EX introduced Team Rocket to the game in the Double Trouble July event. The event was to coincide with the release of Pokemon Coco in Japan, a movie that eventually was delayed due to Covid-19. Despite the delay of the film, the event went on as promised and opened the door to more anime tie-ins for the game in future updates.

To celebrate the 1st anniversary of Pokemon Masters EX, DeNA announced the addition of special trainers to the game along with a Champion Stadium.  The game also received some significant changes with the addition of a new stamina system that works in tandem with the player rank. DeNA also removed the training area and introduced the EX Plaza where players can gain items.

Pokemon Masters EX is available on Android and iOS devices

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