PS5 to Outsell Xbox Series X 2:1, Analyst Firm Predicts


Sony and Microsoft are preparing to launch their respective next-gen consoles in a few months’ time, and both will be hoping for success with their new hardware. According to a new report by analyst firm DFC Intelligence, however, Sony will likely end up seeing a lot more success- at least from a hardware sales standpoint.

As per DFC Intelligence, Sony will have breached 100 million units sold for the PS5 by the end of 2024, making it their third home console to do so. The firm also predicts that it will outsell the Xbox Series X 2:1, owing to the PlayStation being more globally popular. The report mentions that with PlayStation having much more cache in European markets and in Japan (and essentially most other non-English speaking markets), Sony’s console is likely to see much greater success in terms of sales.

DFC Intelligence’s report does mention, however, that in spite of significantly lower sales than the PS5, the Xbox Series X and Microsoft’s approach to next-gen will probably lead to greater success in the long-term. With Xbox Game Pass being Microsoft’s primary focus in their new system-agnostic ecosystem, raw hardware sales for their next-gen consoles probably won’t be the only metric to measure success by.

Another recent report recently predicted similar sales for the two consoles, saying that the PS5 will outsell the Xbox Series X 2:1 and will probably have sold 120 million units worldwide in a matter of five years. You can read more on that through here.

Of course, it’s worth mentioning that crucial variables for both consoles are still unknown- most importantly, the price. The Xbox Series X is scheduled to receive more info later this month, while the PS5 will also reportedly be receiving new details soon, so perhaps we’ll learn more about that in the coming days.

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