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The roguelike genre, from its humble beginnings with its namesake, has expanded and evolved to include nearly every other style of game. From side-scrolling platformers to gritty first-person shooters the idea of lather, rinse, repeat in Video Games has been around since gamings inception. Every time you play arcade games like Metal Slug or Time Crisis you improved your skills and knowledge of the game. Post Void aims to not only speed up the pace of an FPS but condense the gameplay loop. Whether the end goal is what developers YCJY Games hoped for or not is still up in the air though.

Post Void is a way too fast, way too frantic, styalized FPS and it honestly works for it. Players get dropped in needing to navigate a maze of hallways shooting enemies in their path and avoiding any damage. Along the way you'll encounter all kinds of strange enemies from squid-like aliens to suit-wearing creatures. You have a never-ending supply of ammo so there's also no need to be timid as you play, this is at least one thing you can take your mind off while playing. Enemies do go down a lot easier with a headshot, but the time it takes to line up that shot isn't worth it when you can fire off 3 shots in the same amount of time.

Post Void Act 2 Screen
You feel like a king until the maze has two floors…

The haste is necessary as the core mechanic of the game is that your health, represented by an Idol in your left hand, is continually running out. The only way that you're able to regain health is by killing enemies. Even if you were to avoid all damage you'll find it difficult to get through even half of a level at the rate your health decreases. Even though the Idol takes up a large percentage of your screen you won't be paying much attention to it. Your focus will be on navigating halls and keeping an eye out for enemies. The constant prof a clock running out heightens the pressure of Post Void but tensions never get too high as the game is over so quickly.

Beginning Post Void you'll have issues getting past the 15-second mark, but that can still be enough to get you to the second level. From a full Idol, you only have a little over 10 seconds of time, and that's not even counting any damage you're taking from getting shot. The game goes so fast if you're not careful about dodging or take a wrong turn away from enemies your run can be over in seconds. Luckily it's just as quick to get back into the game, levels only taking 20 or so seconds means you're never far from your best time. Post Void is the type of game you can know you need to be walking out the door in 5 minutes and fit three rounds in. This fast repeat cycle is also reminiscent of those old arcade games, so much so you might also get stuck repeating these micro-sessions for an hour.

Post Void Upgrade Screen
The only reprieve you'll have is between levels, oh and when you die over and over again

There are 11 levels in the game broken up into three different acts. Each new level slightly turns up the difficulty, introducing new enemies or adding new floors to run around. These additions are obvious enough that a player can immediately understand what is new. Whether they're able to adapt to it is a different matter entirely. Between each level, players are also given an opportunity to select from one of three random upgrades. There are no huge changes or game-breaking abilities gained from these upgrades but they can help your playstyle. Some of these upgrades include changing your pistol for an uzi, adding more idol time, or even increasing your speed when running backward.

Post Void does a great job of putting the responsibility of progress on the player. The mechanics and controls are super simple, it's how well the player gets used to the gameplay that will determine how far they're able to go. Once you complete the short tutorial and know you can run, jump, shoot, and slide there's no other learning curve or items to unlock to shake up gameplay. This will be the part that really makes it, or breaks it for a lot of players. If you're the type of person that enjoys watching your own growth Post Void will allow you to slowly increase your times. If an 11 level game where you'll be dying every 60 seconds just sounds like an exercise in futility then the charm will very quickly get lost. Though Post Void's $3 price point at least means if it isn't your thing that it wasn't too much of a waste.

Poki on Preserving Your Favorite Flash Games

Post Void Result Screen
I'm not even ashamed that it took me over an hour to get a run that didn't even hit 90 seconds

The game has a very loud art style. Lots of bright and bold colors on the floor and walls making you feel like your character is on drugs. These bright colors do a great job of making the pixelated world extremely legible. It's easy to spot where walls end and where the enemies are because of the contrast in colors. Even death is a flashy event. Colors, symbols, and lights all jump out at the player before fading to a stat screen prompting you to begin again.

Post Void is a weird game. The micro-sessions of gameplay feel repetitive, but with such a low barrier to entry in both time and monetary investment, it almost doesn't matter. It's like YCJY took everything about a normal roguelike FPS and dialed it up to 11. Zipping around at high speeds, in your face graphics, high pressure to progress, but everything wrapped up in a 2-minute package. If you're up for a fast FPS and enjoy a challenge then Post Void might be a good title to sink some time into but personal bragging rights aside not much will continue to draw you in.

TechRaptor reviewed Post Void on PC using a code provided by the publisher.

Review Summary

Post Void packs fast pace FPS action, roguelike mechanics, and a weird 'in your face' art style into this tiny explosive package. If you don't like repeating instances then this small game might not be your style.


  • Short And Repeatable…
  • 'In Your Face' Look
  • Simple Gameplay


  • …Unless You Despise That

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Post Void Review

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