Project 007 Could Be The Start Of A Trilogy

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Developer IO interactive has just released their latest game, Hitman 3, a pretty fantastic top off to the new reboot trilogy in the franchise. The studio has been married to the Hitman series for over 20 years now, but will be moving on to something different, although familiar, with their recently announced Project 007 title. It also seems they have trilogies on the brain.

Speaking to DR.dk, Studio Director Hakan Abrak spoke about the upcoming game. He reiterated that it will be a fully original story, something that the currently website says, and also that as of now their Bond will not have the digital likeness of any of the actors who have portrayed the role. The major takeaway, however, is that this is not something they are looking at for a short term deal and, much like the saga they just wrapped up, are thinking about multiple games. According to Abrak, IO Interactive “could easily imagine that a trilogy could come out of it.” Thanks to VG24/7 for translation and transcribing.

Project 007 does not have an official name nor any officially announced platforms, so clearly it is a good ways off, so whether or not they will get their trilogy remains to be seen. It’s been a long time since there’s been an official licensed James Bond game, with the last being 2012’s 007 Legends that was based on the Daniel Craig rendition of Bond but eventually included material that spanned multiple films in the franchise’s history. Fans have noted that there’s a lot of similarity between Bond and the Hitman games, especially the later entries in the recently concluded reboot trilogy, so it seems a match made in heaven. Hopefully, that is the case, and we’ll get to see something in the relative near future about how this thing is shaping up.

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