Resident Evil 3 Has Sold 2.7 Million Units, Lifetime Series Sales Hit 103 Million

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Resident Evil 3’s remake launched earlier this year, and while it may not have been the smashing critical success that its immediate predecessor was, that hasn’t reflected in poor sales. During its recent quarterly finacial briefing, Capcom posted strong profits, mentioning Resident Evil 3’s “strong” sales as a factor in that. How “strong” exactly were they, though? The publisher provided exact sales figures as well, of course.

Resident Evil 3 has now sold a total of 2.7 million units worldwide. At last count, the game had shipped 2 million units within its first five days– the distinction here, of course, is the newer numbers are for sales, whereas previous figures were for shipments. Either way, though sales seem to have slowed down as the game has moved farther away from its launch and seem to be slowing more quickly than they did for Resident Evil 2, the numbers here are still impressive.

Capcom have also confirmed that the Resident Evil franchise has now collectively sold 103 million units worldwide, which is up from the round 100 million figure that was confirmed less than a couple of months ago, in June. Meanwhile, updates sales figures were also provided for Monster Hunter World and Iceborne– read more on that through here.

There’s still plenty more to come for Resident Evil in the near future, as Capcom looks to capitalize further on the series’ resurgence. Resident Evil Village launches for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X in 2021, while a Resident Evil 4 remake for 2022 has also been heavily leaked by multiple reliable industry sources.

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