Resident Evil Village – Alleged Playtest Leak Details Weapons, Bosses, Enemies, and More

Resident Evil Village Chris Punished

Resident Evil Village has been subject to major leaks for months on end now, many of which were proven to be accurate when Capcom officially unveiled the gam at the PS5 reveal event last month. Now, another leak has allegedly surfaced via unconfirmed information provided to Biohazard Declassified from people who were involved in a recent round of play-testing for the upcoming survival horror game, possibly detailing enemies, environments, inventory management, and more.

Armoured enemies in the game is something we’ve been hearing about in leaks for a while now, and this newest leak mentions those as well. Armour can apparently be shot off, while many enemies come at you with knives, spears, axes, and swords, though some are unarmed as well. Similar to the Resident Evil 3 remake, if enemies lunge at you and grab you, you can mash a button as per the on-screen prompts to take less damage. Enemies armed with swords apparently have a special attack that can instantly behead Ethan, while some enemies throw the player to the ground rather than biting them.

Another enemy the game details is one of the witches, who had been mentioned in previous leaks and confirmed to be in the game via its reveal trailer. One of the witches is apparently named Olga, and in a boss fight against her, she attacks Ethan with swarms of insects while laughing and cackling manically. Players can use torches to get rid of the insects during the boss fights, which is also how you get an opening to take shots at Olga.

During the fight, she also takes on an insect-like form with long spidery legs, and continues to release even more insects. Once Olga is defeated, she melts away and drops an item, though the insects she released have spread out in various different rooms and have to be dealt with separately. This boss fight in the playtest is apparently still a work in progress, with many placeholder dialogues, audio, and voice lines.

During this section of the playtest, players were equipped with a handgun, a shotgun, and an unbreakable knife. Interestingly enough, other melee weapons such as axes can also be picked up and used temporarily. The demo allegedly took place within higher sections of the castle, which – as per earlier leaks – is a location in the game that the titular village leads to. Meanwhile, the old lady who was seen in the game’s trailer seems to be a mysterious new character in the game. She functions as a merchant, having various goods to sell, and also has rumours to share, which might play in with the game’s supposedly greater focus on exploration.

Finally, the leak states that a VR version of Resident Evil Village is also in development – which is something that falls in line with earlier rumours – but that Capcom will only announce that once Sony is ready for them to do so. Capcom are also planning to share a new trailer and new details on the game some time in August (which they have previously stated themselves), which will entail story details, a reveal for another returning character, and “another twist.”

Finally, the playtest section of the game was allegedly running on a PS4 Pro- which is interesting, since contrary to early leaks of the game, it will be releasing exclusively on next-gen consoles (allegedly due to the game’s larger focus on exploration).

As is always the case with leaks, take this with a grain of salt, even if the information here does seem to be in line with what we already know of the game. With new details on the game coming through official channels not long from now, things will presumably become much clearer soon enough.

Resident Evil Village is out in 2021 for PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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