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Apex Legends‘ sixth season may have brought with it a new character, a new mechanic, major map changes, and a whole host more, but it also unfortunately brought a bunch of glitches and bugs with it too. Some of these issues, specifically ones related to the new character, Rampart, have thankfully been dealt with, but players are still dealing with a minor yet relatively annoying one.

The bug in question appears to only be affecting a certain type of weapon. Namely, energy weapons such as the Devotion and the Volt, which have become quite popular with Apex Legends players at the moment.

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The weapons do work, thankfully, but what the bug does is sometimes render these weapons completely silent. Basically, if a player begins firing an energy weapon, it will randomly become dead quiet. At first, this may not sound like too much of a game-breaker, especially when compared to more notorious issues like the dreaded revive bug that prevented players from reviving their teammates.

However, if a weapon isn’t making any noise, it makes it much harder for a player to tell from where the gunfire is coming from, putting them at an unfair disadvantage.

This isn’t the only audio-related issue affecting the game either, with silent footsteps apparently being a constant issue for some players. Fortunately, Respawn has acknowledged the silent weapons problem, with developer Josh Medina assuring over Twitter that a fix is coming.

Unfortunately, he didn’t provide an estimated time of when the fix will be ready by. Considering how quickly the aforementioned Rampart issues were dealt with, we’re hopeful that this fix will be equally as quick, but there’s no guarantee.

Another recently discovered glitch involves the character of Loba, who was introduced back in Season 5, where players were able to clip her underneath a certain map. Given how oddly specific the glitch is and the steps needed to take to trigger it, it’s arguably not as much of a priority, though there are still concerns of how it can be exploited.

In other news, leakers believe they have uncovered possible future content that will be included in the current season, such as the Halloween-themed Shadowfall mode, which was last seen in Season 3. What’s more, it sounds like it’ll be slightly different this time, as it’s apparently referred to as Shadow Royale.

We may even already know some of the content coming in Season 7. While that won’t be starting for ages yet, a rumor on Reddit suggests that a new map will be part of it.

Apex Legends is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, with a Switch version also in development.

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