Rogue Legacy 2 – First 16 Minutes Revealed Ahead of Early Access Launch

Rogue Legacy 2

Cellar Door Games’ Rogue Legacy 2 is slated to go into early access on Steam and the Epic Games Store on PC today. To showcase just what players can expect, a new gamplay video has been released featuring the tutorial and what’s ultimately a doomed run. Check it out below courtesy of IGN.

In terms of mechanics and production values, Rogue Legacy 2 looks like a big step up over the original. Slated to release in July, the early access version was delayed to deliver “more content, more stability and more bang for your buck” at launch as per the developer. Two biomes, four classes, 35 traits and 25 skills with upgrades have been promised for early access.

That’s in addition to five sets of equipment, 12 types of enemies and one boss. We’ll see how this has been expanded since the initial delay. Rogue Legacy 2 is currently set to launch in 2021, spending one year in early access. Stay tuned for more details on its launch later today.

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