RUMOR: Updated Switch Model Allegedly Inbound For 2021

Remember all those rumors about two new Switch models from back in the day? The first one turned out to be true and thus was born Switch Lite. The second, however, has been nothing but vapor up to this point, with an alleged updated Switch “Pro” model featuring improved graphical fidelity having yet to materialize. Well, this rumor is back again, with Taiwanese news outlet The Economy Daily News stoking the flames of speculation once more.

The reports allege that manufacturing sources are pointing towards a new iteration of Switch that boasts enhanced interactivity capabilities and a more powerful processor. The rumored hardware might even be able to output at a resolution of 4K. Again, these reports have been swirling since as far back as 2018, but with the COVID-19 pandemic interrupting manufacturing around the globe, it would make sense that any plans for a new Switch would be pushed back into 2021 (or even beyond, frankly).

This is all conjecture, dear readers, so take the requisite serving of salt as you ingest this story. With the launch of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X coming this winter, it makes sense that Nintendo would want to continue the momentum of Switch as the next console generation dawns. To what extent Switch will be upgraded, or even if an entirely new system is on the horizon, is still a question mark. Keep it tuned here for more as this story develops!

Source: The Economy Daily News

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