Silent Hill Finally Gets an Official Twitter Account Amidst Rumours of Upcoming Revival

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Rumours about a Silent Hill reboot being developed by Sony in collaboration with Konami have been floating around for a while now, and people have been on the lookout for any evidence to suggest that those rumours are real. We might have some of that- it might be purely coincidental, but it’s better than nothing.

Silent Hill recently got its official Twitter account (about time, right?). The account doesn’t have a blue checkmark yet, of course, but it was recently linked to by the official Konami Twitter as well, so there’s no doubt that it’s an official account. It was made less than a month ago, and while so far all it has tweeted about is the Silent Hill crossover with Dead by Daylight, there are some who are suggesting that it’s unlikely the account would have been made just for that purpose.

Reports have been indicating that the Silent Hill game will be revealed soon, perhaps even at Sony’s heavily rumoured State of Play event this month. Whether or not it ends up happening remains to be seen, but there’s certainly a lot of smoke here. Let’s hope we see the fire soon.

We are sorry we got people fired up. Anything official would come from first from @SilentHill or an event or something, not from us. We were just being fans and enjoyed the noise/memories. Sorry everyone, did mean to kill your Friday mood.

— Konami (@Konami) July 31, 2020

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